Onthank Primary School Staff 2017/2018

Here's an updated staff list for term1 . We had a few changes in the last week of the last session.

 Acting Headteacher Mrs G Findlay

Acting Depute Head Teachers  Mr McIlwraith (Mon, Tues, Wed am) Miss Cook (Wed pm Thur, Fri)

Acting Principal Teachers Mrs N Newall Mrs J Klein  Mrs L Williams

Acting Principal Teacher(Nurture)  Mrs C Strain

P1 Classes: Miss Adam Mrs Cree Mrs McKie Mrs Mylrea 

P2 Classes: Mrs Granger Miss Hamilton Miss Kerr Miss Black(Ex P1McK)

P3 Classes:  Mrs Carten/Mrs Saxelby (Thu /Fri)  Mrs Easter  Mrs Smith

P4 Classes:  Mrs McCall Mr Franchi Mrs Kilpatrick Miss White

P5 Classes: Miss Ellis    Miss Dasgupta/Mrs Irving (Wed Thur Fri)    Mrs Newall

P6 Classes: Mrs Klein  Miss Anderson  Mrs Merrick

P7 Classes: Miss Cook (MTW am) /Mr McIlwraith (Wed pm TH F) Mr Boyd Mr Simpson

NCCT: Mrs Williams & Miss Smith

Nurture: Mrs Strain

ASN: Mrs Bell


P1-3 G Miss Easton

P4-7G Miss MacLean  

 NCT:       Mrs Bannerman

Gaelic Early Childhood Centre: Mrs MacLeod  & Mrs Farren


           Mrs Lobban

          Mrs Ferguson

          Mrs Nimmo

         Mrs Smith

Gaelic Classes Mrs Farren

Clerical Assistants Mrs McGuigan (Senior) Mrs Andrew Mrs Jones 

Janitors: Mr Murphy Mr Stewart 

Catering Manager: Mrs Roberton