Onthank Primary School Staff 2017/2018

Here's an updated staff list for term1 . We had a few changes in the last week of the last session.

 Acting Headteacher Mrs G Findlay

Acting Depute Head Teachers  Mr McIlwraith (Mon, Tues, Wed am) Miss Cook (Wed pm Thur, Fri)

Acting Principal Teachers Mrs J Klein  Mrs L Williams Mr R Boyd

Acting Principal Teacher(Nurture)  Mrs C Strain

P1 Classes: Miss Adam Mrs Cree Mrs McKie Mrs Mylrea 

P2 Classes: Mrs Granger Miss Hamilton Miss Kerr Miss Black

P3 Classes:  Mrs Carten/Mrs Saxelby (Thu /Fri)  Mrs Easter  Mrs Smith

P4 Classes:  Mrs McCall Mr Franchi Mrs Kilpatrick Miss White

P5 Classes: Miss Ellis    Miss Dasgupta/Mrs Irving (Wed Thur Fri)    Mr Clarence (Mrs Newall's mat leave)

P6 Classes: Mrs Klein  Miss Anderson  Mrs Merrick

P7 Classes: Miss Cook (MTW am) /Mr McIlwraith (Wed pm TH F) Mr Boyd Mr Simpson

NCCT: Mrs Williams & Miss Smith

Nurture teacher: Mrs Strain Nurture teacher 0.5 Mrs Saxelby

ASN: Mrs Bell


P1-3 G Miss Easton

P4-7G Miss MacLean  

 NCT:       Mrs Bannerman

Gaelic Early Childhood Centre: Mrs MacLeod  & Mrs Farren


           Mrs Lobban

          Mrs Ferguson

          Mrs Nimmo

         Mrs Smith

        Mrs Hart             Mrs Christie                       Mrs MacDonald   Miss Head EY Practioner (Nurture)

Gaelic Classes Mrs Farren

Clerical Assistants Mrs McGuigan (Senior) Mrs Andrew Mrs Jones 

Janitors: Mr Murphy Mr Stewart 

Catering Manager: Mrs Roberton